Custom Tours

Daily Tour 9 Hours aprox.
Portugal Tour Guide: Leonel Rodrigues

A customized tour is a tour that is tailored to the specific interests, preferences, and needs of the individual or group. It is created and planned according to the requests of the customer, rather than following a pre-determined itinerary.

This way you see more of our Desirable Portugal.

Algarve, Lagos, Albufeira, Sagres, Faro, Fátima, Monsanto, Piódão, Belmonte, Douro, Pinhão, Braga, Guimarães, Arouca … so many options to choose from…

Your Hotel or BnB

To be set with you.

  • Private Guided Tour
  • Free WiFi onboard
  • Free Bottled Water onboard
  • Professional Guide and Vehicle

  • Lunch
  • Your personal expenses

What to Expect

A relaxed and fun journey stopping in different places to enjoy the beauty and history of Portugal.

A private guide just for you, at your pace, sharing all the knowledge and curiosities during a fun day. And some delicious experiences as well.

What to Bring

For your comfort and safety it is recomended that you bring:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunblock during summer days
  • A light jacket or a sweater
  • Your camera with full battery
Pick up at your accomodation place

Most Hotels and AirBnb have easy access by car. If not, we can set up a meeting point.

Custom Itinerary

Customized tours can include a wide range of activities and destinations, such as visiting specific historical sites, taking part in cultural activities, exploring natural landscapes, or experiencing local cuisine. The tour operator or guide will work with the customer to create an itinerary that meets their preferences, whether that be a leisurely pace, an action-packed adventure, a romantic getaway, or an educational experience

Drop off at yout Hotel

Full of good memories, amazing pictures and having enjoyed our joy and sunshine, we will take you to your accomodation.


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