About Us

This is Desirable Portugal

Portugal is a country with thousands of years of history. To get you the best feel and taste of the scenery, culture, history and… foooood :D, trust your adventure to the knowledge and joy of a true passionate local guide.

Feel the difference

Because what is more important is to provide you an excellent experience, our tours are prepared according to your request and provided information.

A Tour Guide that will lead you to every place. Guiding you, explaining the cities and monuments, recomend you best places to go and that will make your day unforgettable.

More than just a simple driver,  you’ll meet a true friend.

Safety and Comfort

To ensure a great experience on your days with us we need to use the right tools. A modern fleet of vehicles suited to diferent needs and group sizes will make your journey a comfortable, safe and most of all, an unforgettable travel moment.

Mercedes Vito Tourer